Subd thicken curves is now MultiPipe


Hi Kyle

First of all, satisfied the tool being stablized.

I think so This tool chose Precision friendly cruve Accuracy

so for number of segments (?)

Forms that have not been applied before can be expressed. (ex sprial)

Thank you for using more metered tools.


imt MultiPipe simply name good. :smiley: :+1:

Will there be a tool to break the pipe into pieces called CrackPipe?


Or split it down the middle with HalfPipe :skier:

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Or make it sell with - PipeDream :wink:

Seriously now this is great: taking it further, would be awesome to have a tool like MultiPipe where one could feed it specific 2D cross-section(s) and it generates the branch intersections for editing, as opposed to manually building the intersections of 2D cross-section derived SubD form elements.

And if 2D cross-sections do not generate the beloved lightweight topology (no disputing its desirability btw) then so be it, IMO, if I have a design accurate SubD form I can push around a little. As long as the tonurbs algo is capable of NOT creating a mess of a patch layout.

Sometimes it is advantageous to have the entire form as a SubD to push around, as opposed to a form that has been patched together with blend surfaces, as valid of an approach as that is in many (most?) scenarios. And having the power to feed the tool cross-sections through the pipe skeleton can get you there, without having to attempt to ‘accurately’ blob-slap a complex form to the desired cross-section(s), increasing the risk for inflections.

Pipe dream @theoutside ?


@hanrimcnc - that missing section does look like a bug - please could you post the curves to help us track down where it is going wrong.
Yes, we can add some more options for how curves get broken into segments.

@ec2638 - do you have an example of the kind of cross sections you’d want to extrude and create nodes at the junctions?
For simple convex shapes that are reasonably close to a circle it might be possible to adapt the approach used here. Once the shapes get more complex though, I think it would require something quite different.

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Let’s not forget the possibility of adding different diameters in the pipe sections (as happens in Rhino’s “Pipe” tool and in the now defunct Tsplines). Maybe you’ve already requested it, I don’t know…

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for right now yes, pipe dream :wink:

BUT… remember the goal for v7 was functioning, stable Subd in rhino. Multi pipe is slightly reaching past our original goal, (thanks @DanielPiker) but that’s a good thing for us all.

The upside, is SubD is now a fully functioning 1st class citizen of the rhinosphere and as such will continue to develop and grow. New features will be added, and the tools will continuously evolve.

This process will be ongoing and dynamic with each service release as users needs develop. Does tha mean we are done and dusted with v7? no… this stuff is still evolving…like picking and stitching…lots of work still going on there.

For now, you can get to what you are asking by using sweep 1 on the individual sections you want, do you get the sweet intersections from multi pipe? No, but you can get to the destination you are describing.

You’d have to bridge the sections together,if you intended to make something like a bike frame, but we all know how to do that now, yes? (if not, I smell a new video cooking…)

As always thanks to you and everyone for you input, we make these tools for YOU and value your input over anything else.

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Assumed same, but hey, gotta keep pushing! Right? Good synopsis of situation: Keep it moving! Thanks for what YOU ALL do. We’ll all get to modeling nirvana one day, or die trying… :thinking:

I’ve used your method described. Gets the job done with some fiddling of course; and the fiddling eventually produces results that can, sometimes, have benefits over traditional nurbs patch methods. (maybe - reasonable minds and skill levels can debate that.)

Doesn’t matter if we know how already. Would like to smell your cooking. Someone will learn something…Get to work… :wink:

@DanielPiker Well, in the example where I would have loved to have this “sweet intersection” thingy, the cross-sections were ellipsoid-esk, and @theoutside 's method was used to bridge the beast together - with lots of other manual effort too. That’s why I marveled at what tsPipe could do with circular sections and pondered: what if…what if, man!

I can PM you some images if helpful, for future consideration, towards what would be a remarkable achievement! Thanks for asking.

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@theoutside Wow, I heard rumors and now … it’s true! What a great day and excellent work, you guys!

Is Record history for Subd Thicken in the pipeline :slight_smile: ?

Yes, it’s on the list here

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This is truly a great tool, would be nice if different diameters could be given. One thing i notice is that the pipe section is not truly circular, actually far from it. Is there a way to control this?

that’s a current limitation of multipipe

You can subd sweep 1 and change the divisions if you need more accurate results.

Current limitation, so fingers crossed for the future. Multipipe makes beautiful multi-knot joints which are even more beautiful if i can “connect” the resulting pipe ends to standard brackets. I’m developing grab handles for trains which need to be mounted with off the shelf brackets so perfectly round is a must. Have work arounds but this would (will eventually be) be such a time saver.

Subd will never result in a truly circular section

That’s a tolerance i could live with. Till now i have been building with 8 segments and have not encountered issues yet. Tricked a bit with a blend from 8 segment Subd built joint into a nurbs cylinder. transition was hardly noticeable. So if multipipe could have a 8 segment option or even by default would already save my day.

Nevertheless, Subd within Rhino and multipipe in particular has already proven to be of great potential.


It would be nice to be able to control the number of segments for each line …