Connect pipes by Subd

Hey, I’d like to connect this pipes by SubD command, but I don’t know how to do.
It seems , because the curves are bended, I can’t use the brigde Command or connecting Surface command.
Is there anyone, having a idear ?

subd test.3dm (138.2 KB)

well you would have to delete all the faces and bridge them manually, there is nothing automatically. but, you can use those curves and use the command Multipipe which will create an immediate merged result.

thanks a lot, thats a great tool.
One moore question , please:
What would you do, to refine this part of the pipe ?

subd test 2.3dm (126.3 KB)

Hello - it looks like these four control points need adjustment the most:

You’ll see what to do - slide the points back in towards the junction - it is helpful to use DragMode > ControlPolygon to keep the points tracking on the connecting lines.


Another thing that can sometimes be helpful as a way of getting more control is to turn your curves into polylines.
When you use NURBS curves as input to MultiPipe they actually always get automatically converted into polylines before the mesh is created, and the number of segments will depend on the curvature.
Doing this conversion yourself can be a way to have more direct control over where the divisions will be, so for instance here by making the first segment connected to the crossing longer, the crease can be avoided


delete the faces which are affected by the overlap

and use the command Fill one boundary edge is enough to complete the command no need to select all edges.

i wish it could detect these overlaps to create a non self intersecting sub d. but since we have @DanielPiker who is responsible for making this magic and lovely tool maybe he can look into it at some point? :wink: :slight_smile:

Thanks for alls allwers.
These are interesting solutions, it’s great to see, how to build in different ways
How did you get the object in the cage?
Thanks for the tool.
Unfortunately, I did not understand your instructions correctly.
After the conversion of the curve into a polyline, the result looks like this.

that is very easy :blush: ,but how could I divide the surface into 2 sections , in order to have a nice edge ?

in that case you could just delete a few more faces in the first step of refinement before Fill

or if you want to work further from where you are now, you remove the 2 upper faces above the missing edge including this face you made a line into and use bridge twice for the same result.

these look very much like chromosomes XY to me, is that what you are working on?

:smile:Thats a good idea, maybe I’ll design XY Earrings from it .
I try do learn Subd, because I like to design organic forms for jewellery design.

The way, to fill the hole, worked very well.
However, there is a crossing point.
To make the pipes more edgy, it could cause more problems on the X model than on the Y model.

My very last question: Is there a way to avoid the crossing point?

hm yours looks a bit wrinkled up, a bit more complex, i guess you deleted a bit too much or too little or different. it is a little experimenting till you end up with a good shape of course. for the x you should end up with this as marked slight pink in the file below. it then folds over very natural.

subd test 2.3dm (2.9 MB)

still if you need to delete the crossing use the command SelEdgeLoop on these edges and delete.

you can then use InsertEdge and Slide to (re)establish a different topography if needed.

basically you could end up with something like that in the end

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About the polyline approach -
The idea is not to use the automatic conversion, but instead draw the polylines manually with just 3 or 4 points each (including a shared point where they cross).
Even when the curve only has a small number of points, the SubD still curves smoothly, so there’s usually no need for lots of points. Longer segments give more room for the junctions, making creases or overlaps less likely.

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yes, That’s exactly how I wanted it :hugs:
At the moment, not the forms are important, but how I can apply Subd.
By deleting the second curve and InsertEdge I got the wishes result, like you told me.Thanks a lot.

This I have to training. I found the idea nice , to start with a curve and edit the pipe than.
I’m looking forward on Subd-Tutorials, I hope they’ll come ones.
Thanks a lot.