SubD workflow help please

Not understanding what my next steps should be for deleting faces and getting the subd model to a form like the spoked model in the background. Maybe the way I’ve begun is not the way to build the form in subd?

howtoSubD.3dm (6.9 MB)

@theoutside , @BrianJ - care to weigh in? I can see some things I’d do, starting from scratch, but I’ll probably do something dumb.


Multipipe is the way I’d model this form…

Sub-object select and edit using Ctrl/Cmd + Shift and the Gumball as well as Slide followed with OffsetSubD and RemoveCrease at the end.


Thanks for this.
I get pleasing curves by bridging edges and nesting the bunch of pipes. However, not seeing how to integrate the top, mid, and bottom sets.
Looks like I need more study of subD/multipipe!

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multipipe for the win!

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Kyle, Thanks again. I’m attaching today’s session with multipipe. It seems to me there is a bias built into it that is shifting the result out of alignment with the set of reference curves… the model shifts in the direction of most curves. Gets pretty wonky when the curves to multipipe merge from several different planes. Using 0 strut divisions provides nice smooth curves but the “crotches” are bulky and I need to adjust the tightness. How to do? Seems there could be another multipipe setup parameter to describe this objective? Model attached. And there are some layers with drawings that may illustrate the “shifting” issue.

multipipeBias.3dm (2.7 MB)

insert an edge loop (or two, remember rule of three) and then slide it up or down the “leg” to adjust the bulk of the intersections.

Unexpected result when inserting and sliding an edge.

because it’s blending between the two shapes bracketing it. SImply adjust it with scale or move to correct the shape.

you can also use the align command to snap the points on that edge to a circle.

remember subd d is only precise-ish. It’s a sculpting tool… if you are chasing the “zactlies” you’ll need to stick with nurbs.

Thanks Again Kyle. Understanding better. Everything is easier with Gumball.

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Any thoughts on why using 6 curves at 90 degrees the multipipe result is off center? Seems the stress is off balance. Don’t understand.
zigZag.3dm (305.4 KB)

Seems like a bug, because with the Multipipe component from Grasshopper this doesn’t happen.

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Since I started using multipipe it has seemed that there is an unexpected bias in the result.
If willing, a grasshopper version would be instructive.

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@DanielPiker any ideas as to why this is happening? feels buggy to me…

Hi @theoutside - yes, this bug is on the list ( It’s fixed in the Grasshopper version but still not the Rhino command, sorry.

Here’s a simple GH example: (7.7 KB)

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ETA for a fix to this for the “rest of us” ? :wink:

I’d imagine the furniture and bicycle folks would be pretty interested in this getting sorted.

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Big Thanks for GH example!

But I like multipipe.

It’s flexible anyway^^~