Please help, Urgent! IO generated message: IO Read error: Unknown data type encountered

This is extremely urgent. It’s for work and this is the file I’ve been working on for the past week. It’s loads of work, it weights 2.5MB and it worked perfectly until I had my computer stop working because my battery died. Now I can’t even load the file.

It says this:


Grasshopper Event Log

This document contains the messages that were recorded during the most recent Grasshopper® file read/write. Whenever a read/write operation fails or behaves unexpectedly, this summary will be compiled and put on display. If you experience problems saving or opening files, please include this log with any bug-report you file. You can use the Send… button to mail this report directly, or you can save the log and attach it to a personal email message. This log contains no personal information beyond what you supply, nor any other information that is not directly related to Grasshopper.

Developer contact

Message log start (chronological):

IO Read error: Unknown data type encountered


Any way to recover it?

did you search in …AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\AutoSave ?
maybe you will find an autosaved copy

Thanks. Unfortunately no, all of the autosaves there are very old and irrelevant (from six months ago)

sadly , i suggest you always use dropbox to save your gh files
maybe the developer can help

I did! Problem is, it uploaded the updated file automatically as I turned my computer on…
Thanks for trying

i hope you find a solution

Lock solver doesn’t help unfortunately, I also have all the same plugins installed.
If anyone has an idea I’d love to hear it, Dropbox only saved another version from a few days ago and it’s a ton of work done that I don’t have the time to re-do…

Oh, no. I suggest you never use dropbox. Use onedrive instead.
Last time I checked dropbox connection wasn’t encrypted.

I’d recommend GoogleDrive, but I’ve had many corrupted files when synced while working on them. I moved fully on OneDrive. OneDrive also keeps old versions of the files.

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