Grasshopper file can not open

This is the message I get when trying to open my file. It was working well early. Please help.

“This document contains the messages that were recorded during the most recent Grasshopper® file read/write. Whenever a read/write operation fails or behaves unexpectedly, this summary will be compiled and put on display. If you experience problems saving or opening files, please include this log with any bug-report you file. You can use the Send… button to mail this report directly, or you can save the log and attach it to a personal email message. This log contains no personal information beyond what you supply, nor any other information that is not directly related to Grasshopper”

Can you send us said log & file please. Thanks.

upload here or to McNeel

Can you upload your Grasshopper file? either to here or the link provided.

The error message on the html you sent is “targetName cannot be resolved”

@Japhy any news about the file?

I’m seeing the same message, the file appears corrupt.

Check the autosave? I’m not aware of a way to recover a corrupt file. Corrupted Files Recovery: Target_name cannot be resolved / IO Read error Unknown data type encountered

Yes I checked autosaves, but after realizing that the file can not open, for now there is no an autosave for this specific file

Did tried to open it from your PC?

I fail to open the file.

Can I get some system info? are you on a mac or windows?

What plugins are you running in Grasshopper? A screenshot of this folder should get most.