PLEASE HELP ! Single press of SHIFT key with MMB drag "locks" the PAN mode!

Requesting all Rhino GURUs here please !!

I am trying to develop power skillset in Rhino, having shifted over to Rhino from the Sketchup platform, being tremendously impressed by its organic modeling capabilities which (debatably), apparently exceed Sketchup’s power.

I humbly consider myself a prolific power modeler in sketchup, having been using it for modeling complex organic forms with some brilliant plugins (Artisan, Curviloft, Bezierspline, Soapskin & bubble) for many years now, which are the Sketchup counterparts to Rhino’s plugins Kangaroo physics engine, and other core commands. Through my working on sketchup, I have been “brain conditioned” to use Middle mouse button to Orbit the model, and pressing (& holding down) the Shift key in conjunction with the MMB to pan the model. So when I transitioned over to Rhino, I was immensely relieved to discover that Rhino mouse settings did allow me to reprogram the MMB for orbit (singly) & if used in conjunction with Shift key press to result in Panning the model. which is how it has always been with sketchup.

However, as opposed to in Sketchup, where keeping the MMB pressed down & pressing-releasing the Shift key toggles between the Pan and the orbit modes (which is how it should be), in Rhino, a single press of the Shift key alongwith middle button drag LOCKS the Pan mode, and no matter how many times I press-depress the Shift key, I cannot get out of the Pan mode, TILL I let go of both the Shift and Middle mouse buttons. Conversely, if I am orbitting the model by dragging the MMB, pressing the Shift key doesn’t let me go into pan mode.

To explain it better: If I initiate the orbit by first dragging and holding down the middle mouse button, I cannot enter the Pan mode by pressing & holding down (or releasing) the shift key at all, and conversely too, if I initiate the Pan mode first by holding down the Shift key while dragging & holding down the middle mouse button, even releasing the Shift key does not revert me back to the Orbit mode and I remain panning the model while MMB dragging should orbit the model. Isn’t it strange?

This navigation feature is so beautifully looked after in Sketchup, that power modelers keep switching back and forth between the pan and orbit modes by keeping the middle mouse drag-pressed down, while pressing-releasing the Shift key !! I am sure Rhino programmers/ coders wouldn’t have made such a rudimentary error in their hardware coding and there must be some way the Rhino software does what it claims it should do !!

For me, it really becomes a pain to let go of both the hands and re-initiate the Pan / Drag again. Could the Power Users here/ McNeel coders please, PLEASE show the way this could be achieved? A million heartfelt thanks go out with a packet of cookies + large mug lager beer (as we sketchuppers say) to anyone who could help me with this please !!

Really look forward to anyone who could help… Thanks in advance !

Best wishes

(Ar. Nitin Sharma)

Hi !

Guys please need help on this. Request the forum experts to kindly respond… Thanks !!!

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not currently possible as far as I know. In order to switch between orbit/pan modes, you do have to let up momentarily on the mouse button (MMB or RMB, same thing). That’s the way Rhino has always been. @pascal Maybe this can be a wish for the future.

Sounds more like what you might want to do with a space navigator… --Mitch

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