Can't make boolean union because of duplicates ( I think)

Hey, for school I am making a project and it was done but for it to be possible to print in 3d it has to be a sole solid. I can’t seem to find how to union the objects, but i have no naked edges or manifolds. I think it is because of the duplicate curves i have. Can someone help me?

Just look at the last lines i use, because it is a mess in my file.
muur (21.8 KB)

internalise your curve please

how does one do this

right click on your curve input, and press internalise button

that still doesnt work

Bruh. I mean, you need to do this, because I have no idea how your geometry looks without your rhino file/internalised geometry. I need this to help you solve your problem.

Okay sorry im fairly new to grasshopper,muur (1.2 MB)
here it is

omg what a mess( you can try this

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