Boolean union with voronoi

voronoi (32.1 KB)
Y 1.3dm (8.3 MB)

Hi welcoming forum of rhino! I’m new to rhino and grasshopper and have a problem…
I’ve made a voronoi (closed solid polysurface) and I want to attach this voronoi to a frame (closed solid polysurface) with boolean union. The voronoi is made of the curves from the frame so it should have intersecting points, but everytime I use boolean union I get ‘failed’. I also scaled and offsetted the baked voronoi to be sure there are intersecting lines or points, but it still doenst want to work.

my plan after that is to use flowalongsrf on the frame+voronoi, if that works ofcourse…

Hoi -
The grasshopper file that you attached has two issues:

  • it contains a component from a 3rd party plug-in. In itself not a problem but that reduces your chances of getting help as it requires that others are also running this plug-in. You should always state which plug-ins are used so that people don’t go through the trouble of downloading and opening your file only to find out that it’s useless.

  • it contains empty curve parameters. I suppose those should be referencing geometry in the Rhino file that you also attached but that is not the case. When reaching out to get help with Grasshopper, always make sure to internalize any Rhino geometry so that only the Grasshopper file is needed.

I also took a look at the Rhino file but there’s a bit too much going on there to know what to look for. When you have an issue with a Boolean union between some objects in Rhino, post a file with only these objects in the state before the union was attempted.