Graphics card went out....Need some suggestions in the $200 price range

The system is on it’s last leg and over 5 years old but the boss will not spring for a new system right now…I know the nvidia gaming cards suck…How about the adm cheap cards…Pour AA I can live with if I have to…I work in ghosted mode 99% of the time anyway.

How about this one…
ASUS HD7870-DC2-2GD5-V2 Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

$209 at Fry’s and they have it in stock.

Open to any other suggestions as long as I can find it in stock tomorrow morning…I will be replacing a nvida quadro fx 3500


BTW…This is my first post on the new board…I still miss the old news group.

The ATI Radeon HD cards work OK. They aren’t fast but they support the new V5 display features pretty well and are stable. I have a 4250 on this box. Not perfect but quite reliable.
One of our techs really likes the Nvidia GeForce GTX cars. Again, not particularly quick for for OpenGL but reliable.
Avoid the Intel cards.

Good luck.

Would I be better off with this card…?

NVIDIA Quadro 600 it’s cheaper too $170


Hi Wee,

The GTX 650 will be around the same price but has twice the video ram of the Quadro 600. It’s a larger card though so make sure your case and power supply are appropriate before buying. The GTX 650 also has 8x the cuda cores too. Rhino doesn’t use these but many other programs do for accelerating certain tasks like ray tracing or video processing.

BrianJ…There seem to be many different cards that come up doing a search…Can you tell me which variety would work best…? Also will this card do 1920 X 1200 at 60 hertz…? That is my native monitor resolution.

Will this one at Bestbuy work…?;jsessionid=D6CFCFE8E277B89EFA53473C5A6B75C5.bbolsp-app03-164?id=1218830475927&skuId=7128167&st=gtx%20650&cp=1&lp=3

Different companies assemble and sell Nvidia GPUs under their own brand but they’ll be called GTX 650 for instance in the title along with the vendor name. People like one brand over another for various reasons. Check out, they sell a lot of GPUs and you can read many reviews to find out more on any card. Keep in mind, I can’t guarantee that you won’t have problems with a certain GPU at some point with some model as there are many variables that come into play with computer hardware and software such as Rhino. Please check out and for lots more info.

Display resolution is listed in the GPU specs and varies based on the connection used.

I have a AMD Radeon HD 7770 which works very well for me in Rhino. In another application (PhotoScan) which uses the GPU for number crunching it is very fast.

How old is the ATI Radeon HD 4250 and how confident is McNeel that its performance is representative of the current AMD Radeon HD cards?

The 4250 is embedded in a 6-core AMD processor. It was cheap and it’s 2-3 years old. It’s a much better choice than the embedded intel chips. I was not comparing it to any other model card. The Radeon HD cards are intended for DirectX gaming applications. It turns out, AMD does a pretty good job on writing drivers with basic OpenGL support. The AMD FirePro GL cards are highly rated by our graphics developer, but they are outside of the price range Wee mentioned so I did not mention them.

Please understand we are far too small to do the sort of performance comparisons your question implies. We write Rhino to a relatively low specification; OpenGL 2.0 and Shader 1.2. It’s up to the card makers to adhere to the specifications.

The mistake people make is thinking if they buy a fancy, hight-end graphics card they will get fancy, high-end graphics performance from Rhino. They won’t. We don’t write card specific display code, and we keep the supported specification low and limited so you don’t need fancy hardware to run Rhino.

But what should I do, if I’m a professional user working on complex models and need a faster display? I would pay for a special code to get high-end graphics performance, no problem to buy pro hardware. So, now it’s official, Rhino isn’t created as high-end pro tool?

The general usage of Rhino make it to a great tool. For example the 64bit version together with Vray allow me to render quite complex models (the 3dm files of my current train interior project are around 1GB), rendering works great. For me it’s important to work with NURBS models, so there is no alternative.

Only the display performance is a problem, it’s hard to see that modern mid range cards (like GTX6xx) are slower than old mid range cards (GTX285). From this view it’s not truth that Rhino works with non-high-end cards, since GTX6xx are mid range gamer cards only and the power of this cards isn’t used.

So, a simple conclusion could be, for standard user a simple card works quite well, but if more power is needed, than there is no way to get it. I’m curious how long we will stay on this road, when the graphic performance will enhanced, so that the card power is really used.


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That is backwards thinking IMO…The Rhino market is way too small for any graphics card manufacturer to build a new card to work with old standards…Come on McNeel open up the pocket book and bring someone on-board that can get Rhino back on track and up to date in the graphics world. It’s time for the excuses and blame game to come to an end.


Display speed performance is always something that we continue to work on. We sped up V5 display considerably over V4 with different optimizations. Jeff LaSor, Dale Lear, and myself just had a planning meeting about V6 display yesterday and performance is always the topic that rises to the top. We have a lot of ideas on other areas of display that we can improve and will be trying these ideas out during the V6 development cycle.

I guess that’s some what of an empty promise since we haven’t delivered a V6 beta yet, but I’m just trying to be transparent and let you know that we met on this very topic yesterday.

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Any card will do at least two 1920x1200 at 60 hz (even up to six, depending on vendor and model). That has been an industry standard for a decade, so you are safe there. But if it will run your Rhino models at 60fps in fullscreen is another question that is impossible to answer :).

Same issues over here. I am planning on buying a new Rhino dedicated laptop. Reading the I am not in favor of selecting a computer with ANY Radeon video card.
Even though Samsung and Dell Latitude E6540 have some very nice deals with AMD Radeon HD 8870M and AMD Radeon HD 8790M.

Anyone experience and suggestions on similar graphic Radeon cards of laptops?