New videocard for the old Rhino 4

Hi everyone! I’m looking to buy a new videocard for both Rhino 4 and Rhino 5, because both nvidia 740m and intel hd 4600 works too slow for Rhino 4.

What would be your recommendations? I’m thinking to buy one of these:

  1. Nvidia 1060 GTX 6GB
  2. Nvidia 750 ti 2GB
  3. firepro w2100/w4100 .

The processor will be - i7-6700k as it has the fastest single core.

Will one of these videocards speed up the Rhino 4 viewport? It seems that Rhino4 is using only 5 to 10% of my previous 740m.

One idea is to buy an old v7900 on ebay, but I’d rather buy something new.

This may be difficult.
Rhino 4 requires OpenGL version 1.1
Rhino 5 requires OpenGL version 2.0 and Shader version 1.2
Rhino V6 will run on OpenGL 2.0 but will prefer OpenGL 3.3

Finding a driver that supports those very early versions of OpenGL may very well be a challenge.

I’m not sure if Rhino 4 will use the new videocards well ( 1060 GTX or 750TI GTX)
Will certified drivers for AMD v5900/v7900 help in this case?

btw, I thought opengl drivers are backwards compatible.

Yes, most of the card makers claim to be reverse compatible with older OpenGL standards.
Experience has shown this claim to not be as reliable as claimed. My assumption is there is very little to be gained by rigorous and intense regression testing so it is not a high priority.

I see. So do you think that older cars such as amd firepro v5900 will perform actually better in viewport rhino 4 then GTX 750ti/1060 ?

Since I have not personally tried either of those two cards with any version of Rhino, using older or current drivers, I have no way to know.