Please HELP. Buying Mac for Rhino5

I’m new to Rhino and i now nothing/a little about computers.
I build models with my bare hands but got introduced to CAD modelling in Rhino at school and got (of course) BLOWN AWAY. It was so much fun I decided to get a new computer and buy Rhinoceros för mac. But its a bloody nightmare to understand what i need to buy, So Help:

Would this computer work?:
MacBook Pro Retina 15″ 256GB
21 995 kr

15,4" Retina-skärm
2880 x 1800 pixlars upplösning

2,2GHz Quad i7
16 GB Memory
256 GB Flash
up to 9 h batterytime
Intel Iris Graphic

Or mabey:
MacBook Pro Retina 15″ 512GB
27 495 kr

15,4-tums Retina-skärm
2880 x 1800 pixlars upplösning

2,5GHz Quad i7
16 GB Memory
512 GB Flashlagring
up to 9 h batterytime
Radeon R9 M370X 2GB

Thanks from Sweden

Hi Marie,

For 3D model work you’ll want to get the one which has the better graphics card. So choose the AMD Radeon R9 M370 which you have listed at the bottom.

That computer also has a slightly faster processor (2.5GHz vs. 2.2GHz), and a twice the amount of storage space (512GB vs. 256GB)… but while these can be important as well, neither one of them (on their own, or even collectively) will contribute the same benefit as what the difference will be between the two different graphic card options you show, If that makes sense.

Intel Iris Graphics will handle the basic requirements (for average computing needs) quite capably, but the R9 M379 is a dedicated graphics chip which is more specialized in dealing with issues found in 3d modeling, and rendering.

The memory (16GB), and Retina monitors, on these two computers is the same, so there’s nothing to compare there.

If given the choice of being able to add in extra memory — that would be a good option to take as well. But currently Apple’s Macbook Pro series caps off at 16GB… so you can’t opt for anything more just yet. 32GB RAM is available on a few Windows based laptops.

As far as storage goes, there is an option to get a 1TB drive which might be of value in terms of convenience, but not as a means of performance gain… your computer won’t run any better because of the extra storage capacity.

It if helps at all, I’m currently using Rhino on a 2008 Mac Pro (10GB) and a 2011 MacBook Air (4GB). Neither of them are struggling. However, I’m only using Rhino for small projects (hobby user) so these indications may not apply if you are wanting to create behemoth constructions.

SSD capacity should have no effect on your Rhino work. You are more likely to fill the drive with music or photo libraries.

AFAIK, there isn’t a line where one machine will work and one won’t, but rather one will do it faster. Perhaps you could get your hands on someone’s machine and run the demo of Rhino on it (possibly downloading decent sample models) to give you a more practical idea.