Please create primitive light object component

Please create primitive grasshopper components for the different light types in rhino, for grasshopper 2 and Rhino 7
Thank you.


How do you want to use those? Should they be just data until you bake them into the 3dm file? Or should they participate directly in rendering, or…?

Hello David,
I believe if they could be baked in the 3dm file, it would be a lifesaver.
I have had to in the past create custom scripts to create lights in grasshopper with Elefront and the Human plugin.

I think this should be a huge lifesaver for many other users of Rhino and grasshopper.
Participating in rendering would be a great addon, however, I think the most important thing, for now, should be for it to be able to be baked into the 3dm file.

Ideally, it should be data that would participate in rendering, live in the rhino viewport, and with other rendering be “a native” lighting option for addons like Vray and Enscape.

Rhino lights are “good enough” for now, and we should be able to take full advantage of this in grasshopper!
Thank you

I had a scenario once where I wished that grasshopper would have been able to create lights to bake. it was a ceiling installation with integrated lighting, many led light sources, orientation mattered. would be rally great to get this in grasshopper.

Same here, please implement this quickly as it’s long overdue. This gives such a tremendous advantage over other softwares when rendering. I hate the fact that when I use vray for lighting automation I can only render it when grasshopper is open. Moreover I can’t export my lighting design to Unreal Engine because the lights aren’t baked in rhino.

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I was just looking for a way to do the same. What is the best workaround at the moment?

I can create WorldPoint and WorldDirectional lights from within Human.

Can I replace orientated planes with directional SpotLights?

I can control my view port based on a plane and then _SetSpotlightToView.

And also found this thread:

I agree @attheeast18 . This is long overdue, having to use workarounds at this point shouldn’t be an option. Rhino and Grashopper have come a long way. Please get this implemented as soon as possible.
Thank you.