Please add an extra "selection" option for mice

When working on architectural drawings with layers of hatches or bunch of lines I often need to drag a selection, but this can be really difficult or close to impossible with “normal” RMB or LMB drag.

So please add a “click to select one, and drag to select multiple” option.

Having to use “SelCrossing” and “SelWindow” does the trick, but it would make a lot of sense to add this as a feature IF “drag selected only” is turned on as a mouse feature.

And please add it to Rhino 5 so I don’t have to wait 4 years :wink:

Hold down the “Alt” key when dragging the selection…?



I love you man!
(And Rhinos hidden secrets…)

I still think it would be a nice mouse option, as some use only one hand for various reasons and others have the other hand on the 3D mouse, but now it is no hurry for me personally. THANKS!