Plate chamfers

@sebastian.lindholm YES it works ! I just noticed this Orient option in the TEKLA link component I have installed but not in the one posted in script of this thread (probably belonging to a older version). I’m new to Tekla and I absolutely did not spot it.


The workaround was found anyway but this lightens up the canvas and obviously speed up the process.

Thank you indeed to all of those participating to the thread.

This is very useful information, thanks. I never noticed this either.

Just for the sake of completion, is there a way to deactivate this auto-flip when inserting a Plate from C# ? From my experience this happened during the plate.Insert() method without any interaction possible.

Great, it’s just another one of the gotchas when working with interoperability :sweat_smile: There’s a lot to learn from this thread indeed!

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Hi, a Modify() directly after Insert() should force the points to reset to what was actually provided, like this:

    plate.Modify();  // cancel the auto-orientation
    new Model().CommitChanges();