Using own model in Land Design

Hi all,

Is it possible to add my own model to a plant database in Lands Design plug-in?

Hi Sebastian,
Yes, this is possible. Just go to the Properties sheet of the plant species you want to edit, and from the Display’s tab, browse for a 3dm file in your PC to assign your block to a specific representation (“Detailed 3D Shape” for example):

(The only representation mode that can’t be replaced by a custom block is the “Realistic” one). But if that is just your case, when you exit the plant database dialog, select the species you have inserted from the Lands Edit Panel, and uncheck the “Realistic plant”. When you show the model in Realistic plant 3D representation, that species will take the “Detailed 3D shape” instead.

More details here: Is it possible to assign a custom block to one of the plant species representation types? - Lands Design

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