Plane Orientation


(David S. Mavrov) #1

I have an issue with planes which I can’t manage to reseolve. You will see it in the attached def. I need to orient all the planes and their normals in the same way. Proves impossible. I think it is some Rhino limitation, something of a sort of the right hand rule or something like that. Please suggest solutions.

Plane (26.9 KB)

(Brian James) #2

Is this what you want to do? The only change I made was to Graft the pts leading into the plane component.

(David S. Mavrov) #3

No. But I think I just got it. At least for this particular geometry. The problem is that if I rotate the geometry it stops working…


like this?

(David S. Mavrov) #5

No, almost, but if you see the image I have uploaded you will see what I mean. I think I have found a solution. testing it out right now with different geometries.

The problem is that if I rotate the geometry it stops working…

(David S. Mavrov) #6

What I need it seems is that the X and Y axis to be always orientated towards the gobal X and Y axis and the only thing that needs to change is the normal vector.

This seems to do exactly what I need.

Plane (26.5 KB)

(Michael Pryor) #7

I have a component in Pufferfish for flipping planes with an optional guide plane. So use the guide plane of XY(world) and set the y to be true in flipping. (26.8 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #8

Saw the component 2 min ago :smiley: Awesome job as always!

(Michael Pryor) #9

In your last example flipping wont work as it is more of a rotational issue. But seems you solved it there.

(David S. Mavrov) #10

For now. I am trying it in many different combinations. For now it works nice.

(David S. Mavrov) #11

Now all works flawlessly apart from the fact that after I mesh the result, some meshes are oriented the wrong way. Any idea how to flip them all in the same direction?

Flip (61.0 KB)

(Michael Pryor) #12

Recompute and unify the mesh normals. Check out Pufferfish’s rebuild mesh component. It has some routines to cleanup the mesh. Otherwise I think GH1 with R6 has a unify mesh component.

(David S. Mavrov) #13

Nope. It didn’t work. I need a way to extract each mesh direction, then flip the different ones.


As @Michael_Pryor said… Unify Mesh in R6 GH 1 works pretty well for me…

Flip (63.6 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #15

OK. The trouble is that I need to keep the meshes individually.


Then. this could be one way…

Flip (77.7 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #17

You amaze me every time, you know that?! :slight_smile: Sadly untill I get to Uni at the start of June I doub’t I’d be able to touch Rhino 6.

(Michael Pryor) #18

You don’t need Rhino 6. As said before Pufferfish Rebuild Mesh has a unify option. Also, the Mesh Edit plug-in has a Unify component as well.