Plane Orientation

I have an issue with planes which I can’t manage to reseolve. You will see it in the attached def. I need to orient all the planes and their normals in the same way. Proves impossible. I think it is some Rhino limitation, something of a sort of the right hand rule or something like that. Please suggest solutions.

Plane (26.9 KB)

Is this what you want to do? The only change I made was to Graft the pts leading into the plane component.

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No. But I think I just got it. At least for this particular geometry. The problem is that if I rotate the geometry it stops working…

like this?

No, almost, but if you see the image I have uploaded you will see what I mean. I think I have found a solution. testing it out right now with different geometries.

The problem is that if I rotate the geometry it stops working…

What I need it seems is that the X and Y axis to be always orientated towards the gobal X and Y axis and the only thing that needs to change is the normal vector.

This seems to do exactly what I need.

Plane (26.5 KB)

I have a component in Pufferfish for flipping planes with an optional guide plane. So use the guide plane of XY(world) and set the y to be true in flipping. (26.8 KB)

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Saw the component 2 min ago :smiley: Awesome job as always!

In your last example flipping wont work as it is more of a rotational issue. But seems you solved it there.

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For now. I am trying it in many different combinations. For now it works nice.

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Now all works flawlessly apart from the fact that after I mesh the result, some meshes are oriented the wrong way. Any idea how to flip them all in the same direction?

Flip (61.0 KB)

Recompute and unify the mesh normals. Check out Pufferfish’s rebuild mesh component. It has some routines to cleanup the mesh. Otherwise I think GH1 with R6 has a unify mesh component.

Nope. It didn’t work. I need a way to extract each mesh direction, then flip the different ones.

As @Michael_Pryor said… Unify Mesh in R6 GH 1 works pretty well for me…

Flip (63.6 KB)

OK. The trouble is that I need to keep the meshes individually.

Then. this could be one way…

Flip (77.7 KB)

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You amaze me every time, you know that?! :slight_smile: Sadly untill I get to Uni at the start of June I doub’t I’d be able to touch Rhino 6.

You don’t need Rhino 6. As said before Pufferfish Rebuild Mesh has a unify option. Also, the Mesh Edit plug-in has a Unify component as well.

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