Guide plane's directionality while remain the same geometry

Hi there,
I want the srf in the guided direction, so the extracted point can all be the same order as the guide.
The easiest way to do this in GH is definitely through the “Flip” component,
While the result “true” tells the opposite, the plane result isn’t changed like guide srf.
And is there any approach that could do the same thing in RhinoCommon?

Flip by guide (8.3 KB)

I’m not entirely sure what you want, but when if you flip your surface based on the guide surface, that doesn’t always mean the resulting surface follows the guide surface’s plane orientation. Flipwould just reference the normal direction of the guide surface…

Hi, Kim, sorry for the unclear, now I understand that Flip function is only for the normal direction.
and I think this might be a bug, since the normal is not flipped.

what I want is just as such: (change target surface’s plane direction as the guide srf’s plane)

I’ve seen some old posts’ approach that pasted the desired plane to the target surface,
which not I’m after though, since the pasted plane doesn’t originate from the target surface itself.

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X and Y determine Z for planes in Rhino.

I think there is a SwapSurfaceDirection in pufferfish may supply what I need, then just adding some filter to self-adjust things up…
And thanks for the link, Daniel.