Planes Issue - Bug?

Hey Guys,
Is this bug still around, for some bizarre reason I cannot make all of my planes face the same direction? Any ideas?

Script test .gh (12.7 KB) (17.5 KB)

Your last component, “Adjust plane”, change the normal of a plane by rotating it on a un-controlable axis!
That function is good only if you are interested on the plane for sectioning or other simple stuff.

You want a totally defined plane.
So, build it with the “Construct Plane” component, where you have to input an origin, an X-axis and an Y-axis!

You can do in two simple ways:
- obtain your axis vectors by building a temporary plane and then deconstructing it to rearrange its axis into your final plane.
- by using “Cross Product” component ( I advice you to understand this one…
Cross Product return a vector that is perpendicular to other 2 vectors. The order of the 2 vector determine the verse of the resulting “product”. (see the “right hand” rule)

Attached both method inside.
Script test (19.4 KB)

Hi thanks,
I did come across this solution but I found it to be limiting for what I need, the reason I used divide curve was because I wanted to place the planes on the points and therefore eventually use an attractor point and separate all of the points etc… I should have made this clearer. How can I attach these planes to the points to then control how far they are apart, while keeping the same level of control previously established?

Thanks for that information, I will take a look at it and try and make sense of it. It’s not light reading and therefore will take some time to understand. :sweat_smile:

I can’t do anything with just an image, I need the GH code. You can use HFrame (singular) to place horizontal frames at a list of arbitrary ‘t’ values. Or just follow Riccardo’s suggestion and use Construct Plane using the tangent at each point on the curve as ‘X’ and the Line to the center as ‘Y’:

P.S. Looking now, @maje90’s advice for Construct Plane was a little different.

forgot to add the GH code! :sleepy: :sweat_smile: (8.4 KB)

You also forgot to internalize your geometry (point and curves).

This should have it all… (11.0 KB)

Any chance of getting the GH Code?

It’s only that one component. If necessary, you could add PAdjust (Adjust Plane) as I did before. (12.0 KB)

Thanks for the information. On a side note, is there a simpler and more effective way of doing an attractor point in GH Code instead of what I have done, which seam over-complicated and cumbersome, no graph mapper, it just needs to be a simple attractor point code with basic functions? (11.0 KB)

There are usually many ways of doing just about anything. It’s your art project, not mine. Have fun.

Yet another thing to like about GH. Coming from solidworks it is not at all uncommon to get into situations in a complex model where you don’t have enough control of planes. You can tell the plane what plane it’s on, and even flip it, but rotation you’re out of luck, unless I’ve missed something. There are some tricks to partially workaround, but this is so simple, specify x and y axes plus right hand rule and viola, no wrongfully rotated sketches if you try to move a sketch to a different plane! Seems so obvious…