Change direction of Curve Frames

Hello everyone,

I have a question about frames. I used the “Curve Frames” box to array frames along one curve.
Now grasshopper change the direction from the y-direction in some of these frames.
Why did this happen and is there a simple trick to change this - so all of them are facing the same direction?

Thanks a lot

Using the AlignFrames component can help with this sort of thing!

thank you for the advice! I tried this but it doesn’t really work.
I also need the planes to be orientated like in example 2 and not like in 1…

I think it’s going to be much easier if you post your GH file with internalized geometries :slight_smile:

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Ah, I see. It’s because the frame points with the curvature of the curve.

Here’s a bodge… (14.3 KB)

Try using HFrames instead of Curve Frames.

there is missing the last component in the file. Is it “planeFlip”? because I couldn’t find this in in grasshopper?
sorry, still a beginner.

tried it, but it doesn’t work for my next steps.
thank you!

Yes, Plane Flip.
What version of Rhino are you using?

Obviously. One who hasn’t yet learned the benefits of posting GH code/geometry.

Plane Flip is in Pufferfish for me…

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Rhino 5.0

Ah, yeah, plane flip is a Pufferfish component, sorry. Here it is with no pufferfish Plane Flip (11.6 KB)

Thank you a lot! that’s working :slight_smile:

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