Curves planarization from double curvature surface

Hi there!
i’ve got these curves (exagons) drawn on my double curvature surface, and i need them to be planarized without modifying their geometry (segments lenght and angles).
Any suggestion? Thank you!

do you have an example file to look at?

I must be dumb, but if you don’t want to modify the edges and angles. What is allowed to be modified ???
If you want to flatten the object you could use the middle point to have flatenable hexagon. Look here :

thank you for the answer

sure, here it is

Curves (9.7 KB)

thank you for your answer, i’ll try to be clearer

i’m designing a gridshell: i need these exagons planarized, so to obtain a flat grid which will be deformed to get the initial surface
While the geometry of the single hexagons must remain unchanged, what can be modified is the angle between the hexagons (meshes of the grid).
I’ll attach an image to show the concept

I hope I am not wrong but you can use Kangaroo it that case.

Curves (24.2 KB)

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Thank you! it worked perfectly
I was trying, but i’m quite new to kangaroo.
It worked when i placed your definition in my original file, but then i moved up the surface and i got just a bunch of lines laying on the ground :man_facepalming:
I’m trying to reconnect all the components, but it doesn’t seem to work

Actually, these are the only curves i need to planarize (only 4 sides for each hexagon)
can’t get the reason why you definition works for the entire grid but not for this “reduced” one (16.9 KB)

If you don’t provide the full topology don’t expect that kangaroo or whatever will understand what you want. You have to freedom of movement by removing connections

You’re right, i’m starting to understand how it works :sweat_smile:
So maybe i should planarize the complete grid and then remove the 2 “extra sides” per hexagon from the flatten grid i guess.
Strange thing is that it worked perfectly the first time, even without those connections.

One other solution will be to make a mesh or a brep without inner hole (I began that on my definition) and the use an unroller with the curve you want to keep. So topology will be held by a facetted surface and not the curves

Your help has been very useful, thanks for your support!:partying_face: