Planar projection, background image only vis in perspective views

stars-only-visible-perspective-view-cycles-exr.3dm (340.9 KB)

The attached file should show the problem.

I made an EXR file to represent a star field, just faint stars of varying luminosities and colours.

I set it as the background for my renders using planar projection.

Things look great in perspective views but no stars are visible in: top, bottom, left, right views.

I’m rendering using cycles.

I imagine that I should be able to see the stars in all views so I think that this is a bug.

The file has a completely transparent EXR with no stars in them? Both Rhino and Blender show nothing but transparency


Anyway, environments in parallel view won’t work as in perspective view. Instead I suggest rendering your model with say transparent bg and then combining render with backplate separately.

That is so weird because I see the stars here:

This is the exr file itself.

_stars-mag-0014.exr (1.1 MB)

I just dragged it onto the file upload area on the page and there it was.

And I see it in my renders but files uploaded here don’t fare well being converted from png to jpeg so I didn’t bother uploading them.

But, yeh, I can do the transparent background hack but I was born lazy :slight_smile: