Hexagonal Panels on a Closed Mesh or Polysurface

Hi there,

I have a closed mesh surface and I would like to create hexagonal panels that are evenly distributed on it. Although I’ve tried couple of things, the latest method I tried was to find the verticies, create surfaces out of those, join those surfaces, then apply lunchbox paneling tools but since it ends up being a closed polysurface, it doesn’t work. Any methods I can try on this?

P.S. The shape itself is heavy, so if you would like to test it yourself by connecting the “brep join” tool, it takes a minute or so for it to complete, depending on your computer of course.

cloud structure.gh (1.1 MB)

Maybe with Kangaroo

you could try to triangulate the original mesh, then get the dual mesh…then maybe try kangaroo to “equalize” the edge lengths/planarize? I think @DanielPiker had an example somewhere of the planar hex part. I’m not sure how easy it would be to achieve the “even distribution” part of your question.

Well, being able to panelize would be a good start, then I can consider if evenly distribution part is worth the effort. Since it’s a closed surface I don’t know how well the suggested methods would work but I will look into them, thank you all!