Emboss surface using an image (jpg)

I was creating a book in 3d
I wanted to emboss a surface on that model using an image. I want to use the 3d file to process it in a CNC machine.
using a greyscale image so the blacks would emboss the surface, and white would leave it unchanged.

here is an example to explain my problem

thank you

Under the Tabs, there is a “Render Tools” tab. If you go there, and you will see a “Apply Displacement” button. I would try that and see if it gives you a good result.

With a detailed image like that one I bet you’ll need to adjust the settings and also have a custom render mesh on the page surface. Here’s a video tutorial as well…

thank you guys
now i have a problem with displacement plugin. it doesnt start as it say its too old for the rhino version

Command: _ApplyDisplacement
Failed to load Displacement, version Jul 17 2013 01:00:14. RDK initialization failed
Unable to load Displacement.rhp plug-in: application initialization failed.
Unknown command: _ApplyDisplacement

I’d update Rhino 5 to the latest service release…

Any luck?

Here is a caption of the issue that has arrived while using the displacement feature.
As the surface is made of multiple face the texture doesnt apply uniformely,
Does someone know how to solve the issue?

Thank you

Does this help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75cQX-iF8YA