Noisey renders on Rhino6 Mac

Hi guys,

I have been having issues with rendering on rhino 6. My object forms, lightings and materials are very simple.

I have some geometric objects and materials like glass and coloured metal. And I tried different render setting, the renders still look grainy. Especially the glass part. Oh dear, it’s just pixels!

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It looks like you’re using V6 and the Raytraced display mode.
If I’ve guessed right, have a look at this Real time rendering tutorial:

No, I rendered using rhino render. I set the resolution at 300dpi, but it’s still very bad quality render. Especially the reflection of glasses.

Hi -
You might want to post the 3dm file so that others can offer advise on how to achieve better results.
Also, depending on your hardware, there are now denoisers available that you could try in Rhino 7.

Set the quality of the render with the Quality drop down menu in the Rendering panel to Good or Final. The DPI option will impact the pixel width and height if you use a real world unit for the rendering size but won’t control the quality of the result in terms of smoothing out the grain from the skylight.

See if this tutorial helps: