Piping + X Form

Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone could please help me with this:

  • I need to extrude some curves to have pipes
  • These pipes are going to fill a circular section and so the curves have different lenghts
  • I was planning to use xform to have copies of the pipes, because I need it to be less heavy and be uploaded on shapediver

I don’t know if that’s possible, currently in my file I cut the curves before piping them, so obviously xform node it’s not working.
Many thanks to everyone that could give me a hand.
test_piping_xform.gh (23.2 KB)

the problem with this is that you’re creating hundreds of curves but you only need a few

I know, but I need a variable radius so the curves are repeating based on the diameter. Then I cut them in a cyrcular form. I need this to be parametric.

Yes, but that circular form needs 10 +/- 3 curves, not 500+ , and the trimming operation on 500 curves is very slow

So, i think you should base the number of curves on the diameter of the circle.

test_piping_xform02.gh (32.5 KB)
Yes, you’re right, I corrected the file in that sense. Anyway, the curves in themselvers are not concerning me, but the geometry from the pipes is. As the number of curves get bigger, the geometry becomes too heavy. I cannot solve it with an x transform node, as I would usually do, because the curves are not simply copies of each other, but every curve needs to be cut into a circular shape.
Tahnk you very much.

use a profiler to see where the bottleneck is

display → canvas widgets → profiler

it’s this cluster that takes all that time to calculate 24s on my system, which is basically forever in gh
which i think is doing some work on uv mapping

the piping needs 0.2 seconds

you might also want to join the curves

Hello and thank you, I can add your improvements, but as I mentioned my problem is not with the Grasshopper file in itself, but the problem is that it is still too heavy to be uploaded on shapediver, as I need to change the diameter to a maximum of 1000, and shapediver doesn’t display the geometry when I go above 250 or something.
So my real question was: is there another way to have copies, or instances, of those pipes, as I am able to have in this file attached:
test_piping_xform03.gh (28.7 KB)

Please consider only the nodes in the red group and sorry if I didn’t exress myself very clearly.