Pipes and XForm

Thanks to anyone who could help me. I need to display a set of curves cut into a round shape. Then I need to display them as geometry and I was using the pipe command.
Then I was using the x transform node in the first file attached (see the red box). But in the second file I need to cut the curves based on a cirle and I was wondering how to use xform in this case, because otherwise it is to heavy to display all the pipes when I upload the file on Shapediver.
I will be very greatful if you could spend a moment looking at my problem.
test_piping_xform03.gh (28.7 KB)
test_piping_xform_file2.gh (26.9 KB)

I am not sure I understand your goal precisely, but in general you will not be able to use transformations in the case of geometry that needs to then be trimmed by your boundary curve. In order to do this, you will need to check for each transformation if the transformed object collides with your boundary curve. If not, you can apply a transformation, but if it collides, you will need to actually transform the object and trim it, before displaying it as separated geometry. This should still help your case, since the amount of trimmed geometry should be generally much smaller than the internal untrimmed elements which you can display with the Xform node.

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Hello Mathieu, I did as you suggested, thank you very much. I still have a problem though, I can’t seem to match the lines on the center to those on the borders, and I was wondering if you please could give me a little more help…
I hope my file is not too messy… Thank you very much for any suggestion you can give me.
test_piping_file3.gh (41.7 KB)