Piping thickness - offset flip?

Currently when I pipe and add thickness, it offsets to the outside of the circle - anyway I can flip this to the inside? I’m sure I’m missing something…

Try with a negative value, it should go oposite direction.

I loved this idea, but it won’t accept the negative…

can you post an example we can use to reproduce?

I’m seeing pipe work as follows

  1. draw curve
  2. run pipe command
    3.set 1st radis (say 1")
  3. set 2nd radius (say.25’)

hit enter for other end 1st radius, then enter again for other end 2nd radius.

pipe completes as expected at 1" outer and .25" inner.

If you want to specify a 1" 1st diameter and a 1.25’ second diameter you’ll get a 1.25" outer and 1" inner d.

Hello- the radii are ‘absolute’ and not the difference - that is, if you want a .5 thick pipe, put in two radii that are different by .5.

If it is a weird number and apt to lead to errors, use command line math:

radius 1 : 1.237
radius 2 : 1.237-.334


yea @theoutside and @pascal both of these are very helpful. I’ve been doing everything manually up to this point :sweat_smile: I will look into the weird numbers one (which is why I want to figure this out) and then see how well I understand command line math since my regular math skills are pretty bad :joy: