Wish: Flip direciton integrated to pipe


tell me if i am wrong but i think an integrated flip direction command to pipe would be nice.


Are you talking about the resulting surface normals (assuming no cap)? They should point to the outside more or less always… Are you experiencing something different, or are you often wanting to point inwards? --Mitch

hi Mitch,

my direction flip request is when rhino asks for diameter/radius.

a curve is selected, i write pipe, rhino asks for diameter/radius, i want to pick a point for that input but start diameter/radius is other side of the curve. if i had an option to change or toggle start-end diameter/radius i wont need to exit from pipe command and use direction/flip later pipe again.


OK, got it… --Mitch

I agree, running into this problem often, too. +1

Instead of adding another command option, what would you think about the command going to the closest end of the curve instead of always to the start of the curve?

By picking the curve close to one end, you could imply the end you wanted for the prompt.


hi @John_Brock,

this would do the job too, you decide.


Added: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-38601