ApplyCurvePiping in Block won't render

Hey guys,
Curves modified with _ApplyCurvePiping inside blocks won’t render in vRay 3.6 in R5. Is there any other solution than exploding the block or using _Pipe?


Hi Jonas - try ExtractPipedCurve to get the mesh itself into the block.


Thank you guys, I will try tomorrow.

Btw can these Render Tools modifiers be removed from the object?

I exploded the block with piped geometry and re-blocked it again and now the piping only shows up in viewport when the block is open. Otherwise it’s just lines - so I’ve wanted to recreate the piping modifier.


Thank you, Pascal.

It works, so I guess I can either explode blocks or extract the mesh.

I will start my R6 trial and check if this bug persists.