Pipe produces internal surface on corners

How do I avoid this? I realy just want to split my surface to get the channels I need with the pipe.

Failing that is there a reliable way to get a clean pipe from offest curves on surface? Ive tried and it tends to go funky :frowning:

pipe problems.3dm (2.2 MB)

Problem is, Pipe produce’s self intersections on inner side.

Thanks for the info eddi. But this still gives a very uneven structure which will cause problems with my edge blending.
Is it my inital curve that is the problem?

Solution found.
I trimmed the bends off with extracted isocurves and then Blendsrf the new edges.

I think that in these cases, a command such as “Pipe” should solve by itself these kinds of situations. Such a command can not remain equal to that of years ago! We think of a piece of tubing with dozens and dozens of these curved sections: a folly to do this myself!

Yeah its wierd it hasnt been fixed.

Aahh grooves on surfaces,
other dirty way complementation.

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One way to avoid the problem is to have only rounded corners on the centerline with the minimum radius of the centerline greater than the pipe radius. If a corner cannot be rounded then keep the corner of the centerline sharp, split the centerline at the corner and use the procedure shown by eddi above.

Ok. can anyone explain why this surface suddenly wont blend and the other one works just fine?
as i’m scratching my head here.

More theory to go in my note books.
blend error.3dm (1.7 MB)