Delete internal (self intersecting) solid and union

Ok, so I know joining solids is much discussed online, and although I spend a lot of time on getting it right (jumping to fusion 360 and houdini to get a solid single object without internal geo from the pipes intersecting itself) I didn’t have any succes.

I am desperately trying to join all pipes and the tapered cilinder together to a single object. The main problem now is that the thickness of the pipes and the corners together create self intersecting pieces which I am not able to delete. Now if this were transformed to a gcode path the problme surfaces…

Anybody here that has an idea how to fix this? See my rhino file, without GH because all my solutions so far don’t make any sense…

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offset unify v03.3dm (3.1 MB)

Any chance you can post a file with the curves used to create these surfaces?


I generate the curve each time in a grasshopper script I made, so this one is a bit different but same issue when piping… I btw use Vpipe in this case, so there is no constant pipe radius.

vase curves.3dm (2.4 MB)

Curves aren’t at the same location as the pipes.

Since you created the pipes in GH, post the GH file too

This is the exact output of the gh file… I cannot share the same position / curve as the first file uploaded.

In my case I would feed these curves into the vpipe and done… but that’s where the self intersection takes place…

You cannot share the GH script?

something like this?

Exactly like that! Really nice! How did you do this?

offset unify (18.9 KB)
The 3dm file is too large to upload (the forum has limited size to 20mb).
Need this plugin to run.

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Really nice, thank you! Will try this tonight!

With some back and forth I was able to eliminate all problematic self-intersecting / overlapping parts of the surfaces.

Basically my procedure was to trim the pipes before and after the self-intersections and then extend and trim again.
Please note your pipes were not well aligned in the coordinate system. This added further complication when using Array Polar to array the two sets of surfaces around your vase body.

File with most of the steps are saved on layers:

offset unify v03.3dm (17.6 MB)

Just the closed brep:

vase_closed_brep.3dm (2.8 MB)

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Nice looks very good! Will check the file tonight! Thanks a lot!!

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