Pipe not always "Piping"

I have a number of curves that were all created from an original Curve, that was then copied’n’pasted, rotated, setPt’d blah blah blah to create a helix. Unfortunately a specific set of curves simply refuse to “pipe”.

Attached are screen shots that show the reluctant curves and the pipe commands used

The curves that fail to pipe have stacked control points.

You didn’t ask for a grasshopper solution but I was using it to investigate so I’ve included the file here.

240416a_pipe_failures.gh (39.3 KB)

Moving the next to last control point produces curves that can be piped (curve deviation is approx. 0.001).

Edit: Removed dependency on Pufferfish plug-in (Sift Indices component).
240416b_pipe_failures.gh (38.8 KB)


cool!!! Many thanks for looking into this. your comment re: “stacked control points” isn’t clear to me ?

Stacked control points = control points at the same location

control points at indices 14 and 15 in the problem curves