Pipe failed

I have imported a curve from illustrator, but when i try to apply pipe to it rhino says “pipe failed” and makes nothing.

Can you please post both the Rhino 3DM file and the Illustrator file so we have something to go on?

I ended up rebuilding every curve in rhino with rebuild tool.



When I open the ai file in Windows Rhino, preserving the AI units, I get 8 tiny curves.
The circles have a diameter of 0.059mm
How big are they supposed to be?
What is the pipe diameter.radius you want to use?

In the 3dm file you sent, the circles are 1.5mm arcoss.

Inspecting the curves discovered an extra point on the end of the curves.
The extra point is why Pipe won’t work. Deleting the extra point fixes it.

I see that when Rhino opens the AI file, it is seeing the extra point.
I’ll see if this can be fixed in the AI importer.