Pinwheel every 4 minutes using OSX rhino 5 on Mac

While using OSX rhino, I get a pinwheel and the screen freezes every 4-5 minutes. Pinwheel lasts about 40 seconds and then goes back to working properly. This happens over and over. I’m using a 2.66ghz quad-core intel xeon power mac tower with 8gb of ram. I would like to solve this so I can work faster.


What is the file size of the model you are working on? What version of OS X are you running?

Thanks for the inquiry. The file size is 295 megs. I’m running 10.8.5

[warning: opinionated]

The sure-fire way to fix this is to install Bootcamp, Windows and Rhino for Windows. You’d have no such trouble with a 300 MB file on your super-duper quad core power mac.

As you know Rhino for OSX is in WIP stage, which means that the software has “alpha” quality. Not something I’d use for my day job…

Then again, if you want a free (for now) piece of software that is heavily in development and shows all kinds of quirks like the one you just described, please go ahead and use Rhino for OSX. But don’t complain about pinwheel - it comes with the territory.

Just my $.02

I do appreciate the fact that the OSX version of Rhino is free (for now). I just wanted to know if I’m missing something on settings or such. I run parallel, so I can always buy the windows version. Do we know when the Mac version is going to go full version? I rather spend the money on a native version.

What’s happening is that Autosave is running every four or five minutes and saving your work. When Autosave runs is up to OS X. You have a large file, and, in other cases I’ve seen, this is because there are large meshes in the file. For example, if you have run analysis modes on your model, this can create very large meshes that then stay in your file.

To remove all the meshes in your model, run ClearAllMeshes. This will also instantly change all your viewports to Wireframe. Switch viewports back to Shaded or Rendered as needed, and your saved file will likely be much smaller and take less time during an Autosave.