Pinging Brian James about Brazil texture Mapping

Hi Brian, and possibly others;

I watched your video about the wood grained texture on the garden shear handles. You know, the video with the “soothing” voice. It was quite good, and I really felt I’d be an ace at changing the direction of the wood grain 90 degrees in my modeled floor planks. I model all of my house renovations and then render them, to wow my wife. However, I couldn’t even get to first base (with the texture mapping I mean, not my wife). I could not find and open the correct windows that are shown in the upper right of your video.

I’m using Rhino V4, as I still prefer that user interface to V5. Please let me know if this is a major issue, but the software seems to work fine. I can find the Material Editor, Texture Pallette, Environment Editor, and Render Properties, no problem, but I just need that educational kick in the butt to get me to the next step, how to open the exact tool windows that you were using in your video.

If there is a video on finding the correct tools, that might work. Otherwise, you might have to lead me by the hand, to the promised land (of texture mapping).

Thanks Brian, and keep on soothing. Rhino and Brazil are still a ton of fun after 10+ years. (I’m a perpetual beginner, as you may assume).

Cheers, Tom Kay from Ottawa.

Hi Tom, thanks for the laughs. v5 saw a ton of changes in the areas of material UI and texture mapping so v4 won’t match at all as you’ve found with that video but I think I can still help. If I recall, there will be a Brazil toolbar that will have the material editor icon on it… you can see this in this 8 yr old video at 4:50 Within the material you’ll have a texture map of the wood grain image. Click on that name and you should have a rotate option again if I’m remembering correctly.

The Properties panel in v4 will have a material and texture mapping section too when an object is selected as but I think you’ll want to do this in the Brazil material editor in v4.

Does that help?

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