Picture Swatches on Layout Page Funkiness ? V7 Beta

Putting some swatch finishes on a layout page, using Picture command, they are flickering when zooming in and out, sometimes looking black, sometimes taking on a perspective window, confusing ! When you view the layout sheet from print it does look correct ?? Not pleasant working, using latest V7 Beta, on a 16" MBP


Milezee System Info.txt (6.4 KB)

This was SystemInfo a couple weeks back (have updated OSX today). Kyle I’ve all sorts of funkiness with Pictures and creating custom materials from image files 🤷

I’m wondering is a plist reset is in order…

I’ve never reset my plist, might be worth a try eh :crazy_face:

It’s one of the few tools we have for “funkiness fixing” on a mac.

‘funkiness fixing’ sounds good, I hate all that technical talk and deep tech terminology, I’m just an average end user who knows a few things here and there :joy::+1:

me too… :wink:

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