Picture Plane 1 to 1 option missing in Rhino 8

Is it just me, or has the 1to1 option gone missing from the picture plane command? I always found this very convenient when working with pictures, that already had the correct size.

Hi Joerg -

That option seems available here:

When you open the command history, are you seeing different options there?

Thank you Wim,
in my example I used a .jpg as a picture plane and the ‘1 to 1’ option was missing. Seeing that you used a .png, I tried that too and voilá: The ‘1 to 1’ option is back. Upon further investigation my problem seems to apply only to .jpg images that excede a certain size. If I scale them down to 75dpi the ‘1 to 1’ option works just fine. (4512px by 1690px at 120dpi versus 2820px by 1056px at 75dpi)
(Version 8 SR1 / 8.1.23311.13281, 2023-11-07)

Hi Joerg - - Here it looks like the option simply does not appear for jpg images - jpg do not have DPI info as far as I can tell.



Just a couple of random ones here:

Hum, well they don’t all, then,… I made a couple in PS and they do not - do the ones that have dpi show the option on Picture? I would expect yes…?

Yeah, I can set dpi in jpegs that do not have it and these work with 1To1.


Hmm, I thought PS assigns a default value even if you don’t. A lot of the ones I have here are 72 - when you start a new PS file, that is what’s filled in by default.

If I try to set it to 0 or just blank out the resolution number I get this:

The jpgs in question have dpi information. In fact, i had used them in Rhino 7 two years ago to demonstrate the picture plane command to students.

Hi Joerg - can you please post an example that does not show the 1To1 oprtion?


Hi Mitch here, if I make a new image in PS and Export to jpg, IrfanView Information shows no dpi for this but does for the same image exported as png… Dunno, just thrashing aaround here I guess, it seems to be all over the place.


I just took one of the images that I posted the info for above - BahnhofSweeper - and it does not show 1:1:

Well durn it… can you post that image or send it to me?


I’ll send it to you as it’s proprietary…

BTW, I’m running (8.2.23338.11001, 2023-12-04) - a daily build Brian sent me yesterday.

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This is an example. 1to1 works in Rhino 7 (Windows) but not in Rhino 8:

Fake DPI news!

Joerg’s image also shows no dpi info here…


Well, if I open the image in PS, I see this:

So the info is there - Windows Properties and PS see it. Looks like Rhino and IrfanView might not be looking for the info in the right place. Edit: My IrfanView - maybe it’s not the latest version (4.52) - certainly finds it…

Oh, well. These are not the original values. I suspect, the image has been processed by the discourse server. It should give you 95,5cm by 35,77cm at 120dpi.

Hi Mitch, here, in PS I do not get the same info from your image. Can you please humor me and zip the file and then send it again?


You got it…

Yep, thanks OK, now I see the dpi. Maybe we can get somewhere…