Add picture to scale 1x1


I need to insert an image in all views scale 1x1

I have tried the following options

_BackgroundBitmap: I only insert the image into a single view, but I have the 1x1 option

_PictureFrame: I need to enter the length of the image, so if it is not 1x1 not scale, but is introduced in all views

Is there a command that allows me to make the 2 options?


Having a 1x1 option for PictureFrame is on the “to-do” list for V6. For now, you can determine the size of the bitmap and then size the PictureFrame rectangle accordingly.

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Hi Manolo,

FWIW here is a python script for V5 that checks the DPI of the imagefile and scales the pictureframe accordingly. (1.0 KB)

Please check the results, its presented “as Is”


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Thanks for trhe script

Did this make it into version 6?

Hello - yep



Cool :sunglasses:

Thanks Pascal