Picture Plane 1 to 1 option missing in Rhino 8

The jpeg in a .zip file:
Guitar_top_View_955mm_m.zip (491.6 KB)

Thanks, I see dpi here as well now. I’ll try to make sense of this in a bug report and hope for the best. Thanks for your help y’all.

RH-78864 Picture: 1 to 1 option missing


I read, that in my example file (“Guitar_top_View_955mm_m.jpg”) Adobe Photoshop “didn’t write the exif data correctly in the JFIF file”.
I assume, there are different ways to store size and dpi data and my file doesn’t match the specifications.
The reason, I reported the missing 1to1 option in the Picture command is, that it used to work in Rhino 7 with the same files. So something must have changed between Rhino 7 and Rhino 8.
These are the exif Data in Adobe Bridge:

The same picture in Rhino 8 (no 1to1 option) and in Rhino 7 (1to1 working):


Hi Joerg -

This issue is being revisited here: RH-81665 No 1 to 1 option on some jpg files

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