Picture command - Texture transparency

When using the new Picture Command i cannot change the transparency as i could in the PictureFrame command. It seems that the issue is when i have an other renderengine set as my current render, the material applied to the picture is not something i can change. When i change the current render to rhino, the menu is there. Before it worked no matter what the renderEngine was. The applied material would always be a Rhino native material.

Also, while we are on the subject of the picture command, is it possible to make it multiplied (Like Photoshop blendingmodes). It would be neat for the workflow when drawing after BW-drawing.

It seems my post is lost among the masses. Can someone with the option flag this as a thing to be fixed? I doubt it is the desired behavior.

That sounds like a V-ray problem?

Well i suppose that the picture command should work no matter which render engine is in use?

I would definitely agree with that - a picture is supposed to have its own sort of “immutable” display mode, no matter what the viewport display mode is in or what render engine might be in use (at least in V5 it was that way).

The Picture is a combination of a ‘special’ material applied to a plane and this plane being set to use the Rendered display mode.

As I read the original post, the problem is not in seeing or using the Picture, but in changing the material. I’m guessing that when a different rendering engine is set to handle materials, it might be that not all options are available?

Requesting more info from @andy on this one.

yes please fix this, it is very annoying. The only option (when Vray is current engine) is to add a Picture, then create a new Vray material with the same picture and change the opacity in the Vray material

Just to clarify, i have attached the two situations. As you can see, the picture still apply a Rhino material, as it did in V5, but i cannot alter the material. All the options is gone. Before it was possible to both have rhino-materials and other materials in the same scene.
With an other render engine:

With Rhino Render: