Different transparency for a split Picture image


I import an image vis Picture, then split the image to use for different models and some notes. When I change the transparency on one image, they all change to the same opacity…

I guess it is the same material for all pieces after it is split.

Is there a way in Rhino to change each piece can have different transparency values? Or should I split the image up before and insert via Picture each one separately?


Hi Randy you can make a copy of the material and assign the copy to the more transparent objects then adjust that material to taste.


Hi Pascal, I will try that.

So even if it is an image? it does make sense so I will try it shortly. A lot of these are pencil drawings shot as one image.

Thanks, Randy

Hi Pascal,

the image seems to be in the texture.

I did copy the material, how do I load the new one? It has been a while using Rhino and this is v6.

Thanks Randy

Hi Pascal,

I got it figured out, apply new material start from original image or something like that LOL.

Thanks, Randy

It comes back slowly :slight_smile: :grinning: