Transparency / Opacity of Pictures

Hello Everyone,

How can I lower the transparency of a picture I inserted in Rhino Beta?



I dont know about beta but in rhino 5 you do it under material - transparency.

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Thank you, I will try that in Beta.

If you import an image by typing “picture” You can change image transparency by selecting material then go towards the bottom and there is a transparency slider. For more info check out:

I am missing this feature in Rhino 7(mac,latest).

Picture Materials don’t have any editable properties. When i select the material tab, everything is just empty.
Rhino 7 seems to hide certain material settings dependent on the type (also with plastic, metal, translucent etc.) and i am frustrated to find out how to edit that behaviour.
I need transparency 100% of the time when i import a picture, because i use the feature for technical drawings that i then align to the grid, just like Nate does it in his screenshot. It just does not make sense to not offer a transparency slider in RH7 for pictures.

Hi David - I just saw the Properties > Material page for a picture not show any slider - but now I cannot repeat it. Clearly something is not working right on Mac. When this occurred, I did have all the controls in the material panel, with that material selected - does that work?


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Hi David did you find a solution to this issue? Im having the same problem.

Restarting my computer seems to have worked…:+1: