Pick curves

im trying to pick curves (x,y) out of surfaces (rectangular) has different edges numbers.

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Just a heads up you should almost always post minimal amounts of relevant code pertaining to your problem.

thanks Ryan,i was just unaware of the attachment and post it fast sorry ! and here are attachments of script and model of what im trying to achieve basically is to break this surfaces into lines and have separate parameter for each group . sorry again

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So is your question analogous to “how do I filter all lines from a giant list of lines whose tangent direction is close to a given vector”?

When I said code I guess I meant file. If you could upload your file with internalized geometry, that would be really helpful. So sorry, I will try and be a little clearer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @DavidRutten and thanks , i had this boxes and wanted to pick each of its surfaces edges , but the surfaces edges has different numbers of elements in each Brunch and not in order … my question is how can i collect the blue, black and red edges each in separate group / tree i have tried to pick based on the angle but i still think its not efficient way since i hit the wall again coz blue and black edges came in same group
trial002.3dm (422.1 KB)
trial 002.gh (15.6 KB)


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Here is a possible but (Personal opinion) really bad solution.
trial 002 Try.gh (28.2 KB)

Thanks @Ryan14 Ryan, wouldn’t call it bad, but it miss the main concept of what i want from this script, what im trying till the moment is to keep (1,2,3…)each in certain brunch having a control over blue, black and red separation. they are already have several edges and not in order as example 2 has 6 edges 1 has 4… having said this even if they are similar edges numbers i cant list item them because they not in order clockwise or anticlockwise. again thank you and hope somebody can help with anyway possible…

This will get the edges of the bottom faces from the breps in your file and sort their positions. The breps in your file were not ordered, so I sorted them as well.

trial 002_re.gh (15.4 KB)

Not sure what kind of structure you want for output, but with ordered curves you should be able to organize the output any way you want.


thanks @kev.r this s a cleaver and simple way to sort geo haven’t thought about it. but edges of red and blue stil same group what im trying is to have them separate… the main idea is that i need each of the geometry element/edge as a wall and have control over the edges parameter separately in order to create rooms out of each geometry with different definition of walls . imag01
thanks again for your effort Kevin …

In the file I uploaded in my previous post, the curves with preview colors red and blue are in the same DataTree branch with red at index 0 and blue at index 1. If you want them on separate branches, all that is needed is to graft the DataTree.

trial 002_re2.gh (19.9 KB)

Once you have geometry that is properly sorted, you can group it any way you want (if you understand grasshopper data management).


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thanks @kevin i was trying split the tree since i got your reply … thank you very much!!