Photo booth/studio lights

I make a lot of productpictures with invisible background but I have a lot of problem with the lights which makes the colours wrong.

Is there a tutorial or some hlp what lights to use to get the best results or tutorial how to create like o photo booth/studio? Or what tutorial is the closest?

The conference table is supposed to white top and white stand but the top has difference in colour and the stand looks grey/silver.

Any help in a few steps a something ready that can be downloaded. Are an amateur.

//Patric, Cumwex Sweden

What I think you should do is find a picture of the result you want.
A white table with white base on a white background with no shadows… something must give somewhere if you want to see the product.

I know how I want it. But I need help how to think to get there. For example in Pconplanner the lights always get right without doing anytjhing. What light to use for best result, spotlight, sphere, dome, some kind of templete would have been great.

The default V-Ray HDRI environment plus your lights should be fine. Best you show one of your renderings which you like to improve.

What I meant is that you could share with us a picture that has the look you’re after, someone could then advise you on how to achieve that.

Ok, I get back here tomorrow with examples of what I want and how it is…//P.

So, here I have tried to make some samples. It all looks good when its in an envoironment then the floor, walls etc reflexes the lights. So what I want is when I make productspictures I want all three legs to look grey or white and the whole top to look white, grafit or what colour I choose. Hope you understand anything of it. //Patric
Rhino (4.9 MB)

As you can see on the example pictures, as soon as you place your object on a grey background or floor, it appears white.

I need to have invisible background for my website so i nned to figure it out how to make it good without floor…I will just keep on trying…

I haven’t so much time now, but here some steps which could help:

  • load the shadow receiver material from the library
  • apply a radial soft opacity so that you don’t get shadow cuts on the end of the ground plane
  • add some reflectivity to the dark table material and place a dark plane in the background

The shadow color can be adjusted by the ground color and/or by the background color.

General for more speed:

  • set noise limit to 0.01 should be good enough
  • I like min/max 1/24 (it was 2/24)
  • set LC Raytrace 1 helps for much more speed, I use it always
  • enable the denoiser for 100% clean look

Test Rhino Forum_one layer_(Micha).3dm (4.7 MB)

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