Phone cord in Rhino - Sweep2 - can't get that flat top

Hi - This is the closest I’ve come to designing a telephone cord on a pc. Piping works well, but I don’t want a round cross section.

To create the cross section, I chose Rectangle > Around Curve > selected the helix curve > and then I selected the endpoint of the helix for the center of the rectangle. This is a 3 x 1.5mm rectangle with rounded corners. (The Helix has 24 turns with 6 points per turn and a diameter of 4mm.)

Using Sweep2 gave me the best result, but I’m relatively new with Rhino and have come to a dead end. Looking for any suggestions.

This file has three cuffs, the first is my best attempt with Sweep2. The other two are just copies of the rails and cross section that I used.
phone cord.3dm (1.5 MB)

And here is a pic of what I’m looking to achieve…

Hi Kate - I think it will be most tractable if you flow a straight to a ‘straight’ helix and then from the axis of that helix to the curved one.

Red to white, white to blue:


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Good morning Pascal - Thank you for thinking ‘outside the helix’. I had fun trying out several flow options per your guidance and for sure flowing to a ‘straight’ helix and then to the curved one made all the difference in the world!! PS This forum keeps me sane when I’m stuck staring at Rhino wondering where to go from here. Much appreciated and have a great day!!