Phone wire

Hello, Please help me to find out how to make the wire for 50s vintage telephones. Shall I make a pipe out of curves and how can I twist it?

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Try running the Pipe command on the results of the Spiral Command… which you’ll have to experiment with a bit in order to get the right twisting effect.

I think they used to refer to this cable as twisted pair… and that there are even different twist rates between the various color combinations.

In any event the spiral command should make easy work of things. Just run up a single spiral path and rotate a copy of that to get the 2nd wire in the pair group.

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Thanks Jim. You saved my day! appreciate it.

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For a detailed discussion of a similar topic which might give additional insight see

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In case it isn’t clear, if you want a chord to follow a snaking path, create a snaking curve and use the AroundCurve option in Spiral.

If you want a photorealistic handset cord, then between creating the spiral and piping it you need to mess with the curve: these cords were never even once they’d been used. Turn on points and edit sections with stretch, shear, twist, bend and move to add disorder.



You can also use the helix command to create the curve.

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It’s getting more interesting when I read it again and again. Thanks for sharing AIW.

You’re right. these cords never get even, even when they are new. Looks very real. Sure I’ll give it a shot. A million thanks Jeremy!

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I tried it and it gives a very similar result like Spiral. Looks easy and gives a good curvy shape. Thanks Robb!

Here’s a sample of the way I recommended

to make the phone cord, in this case a cord from a mike to a vhf fm radio!!

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I’ve made mine. please let me know if there is anything to make it better visually. Glad having lots of help.