Phantom Doors

Confusion with Tags and opening elevations and tables continues:
The model I last uploaded to dropbox now creates 2 blank door elevations representing 4 more doors than the project requires. I can’t see them or click-select them.
I can delete these unwanted doors with VaSelDoors>ctrl+selectVisibleDoors>delete , but only because after a lot of confusion I know there are phantom doors. I would like to know how not to get into this situation again. Again, it’s updated to drop box.

There are 4 phantom doors in that project indeed. I don’t know how they could have been created but they are not visible because they don’t have any profile dimensions assigned. If you freeze the visible doors, run the vaSelDoor command, and manage to select them, you will see that their profile dimensions combo is empty:

If you assign some dimensions, the doors will show up (they were actually in the same position as others).


Hi @djhg.

I’ve been able to reproduce this problem: if you delete a predefined size from a door/window style, and there are any door or window inserted in the model, these objects will became invisible (as they assigned size is no longer valid).

We’ll fix this in the next VisualARQ update.


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Good to know.

We’ve discovered another situation that causes this problem: if you copy to clipboard a window in a document in metric units, and then paste it in a document in imperial units, as names for sizes are different ( 900x6003'x2' ), the pasted window will have no size assigned.

Both bugs have been already fixed in VisualARQ 2.3.