Perspective view : rotate object around fixed axis?

Im experimenting on a propeller / tripple spiral design.

Is there any way to fix the object rotating around a defined axis curve, while in perspective view ?

Kinda inspired by the _Rotate3D command, where you define an axis, and then rotate the object to a new angle.

I just want to rotate the object so i can view it in a rotating manner, not edit the angle position in relation to Cplane.

I imagine controlling the viewing angle in perspective view with my spacemouse, and with the mouse scroll/zoom i could rotate the object around a fixed / defined axis

Or maybe some other way…

Its not to make a turntable animation either, that would be too time-consuming for any iterations and nudging needed, I just need to quickly check and view the undulations of the spirals in a rotating movement, while I nudge the curves and surfaces, because the design of the spirals interact with each other when in a rotating motion.

I looked into the 3D connexion setting, but couldnt find a way to fixate one axis

I also tried the “rotate view around gumbal”, in preferences/Modeling aids/Gumbal
but that still allows for the whole scene to tilt and rotate while i pan around with the spacemouse.

Any suggestions ? I hope you get the idea of this :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hans Henrik


the cursor buttons ← and → should be set to rotate the camera by default.
but the camera rotates around a axis, that is perpendicular to the camera-position, camera-target.


there is


you can use multiple viewports.
_camera show
will show the camera of the active viewport in the other viewports.
now you can rotate for example perspectives camera in top view … while seeing the result in perspective…


I still think I miss some kind of presentation / animation command… maybe others know it…

kind regards -tom