How to rotate a 3d part in the perspective view

How to rotate a 3d part in the perspective view…
throu the keybord shortcut, around axis (example X) in the perspective view with the parallel view .
Example : I push contemporaneily the CTRL+X and the object (part) rotate 90 degree form the current position in the nearest 90 degree portion of it, around the X axis.

If I press again it will increment again others 90 degree … so on…

It should be applied with different key shortcuts for the y and z axis .
The solution has to work on rotation for the Cview and World view .
This should help very much .
Thank you in advance for any help

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This can be scripted or macroed relatively easily, but I would not use Ctrl+X, Y, Z as these are Windows ‘Cut’, ‘Redo’ and ‘Undo’. Ctrl+Shift+X, Y and Z are however available for this use.

! _Rotate _Pause w0,0 90 _Enter


Thank you Mitch,
this solution is not what I was thinking. My apologize, but I was thinking more on this :
’_SetView _CPlane _Front
but then… it have to be adjusted for rotating and the viewport perspective with parallel projection.
So that every time I click the CTRL+SHIFT+X the rotation of the object (without the selection of it) will rotate .

When I set the above command actually the parallel projection is set through the property panel manually .This stay active and I would like to act the parallel view only when I push the key combination.

This view as per the command above is for the Cplane … is it possible to set it for the World plane as well ?

Thank you in advance for your and any help.