Perspective for 3D model - How to create this exact exploded view style?

I’m trying to set the perspective in Rhino 7 exactly this way for this 4-piece-product to show it in a kinda exploded view.
Could you help me with this? Thanks


Hi Sophia - there is no specific tool for this - you just need to move the objects as you see fit - Gumball can help keep things aligned. Use NamedPosition to save the starting state before you start moving objects, and to save intermediate states as needed.


@pascal created a very useful script that makes the Perspective view parallel to the screen, so I think it may help you align the objects in the desired camera angle. In 95% of the cases it works properly, though sometimes it may flip the camera at 180 degrees. I really recommend trying it. Personally I used it nearly every and for this reason I set it as a right-mouse click of the Pan view icon. (2.0 KB)

Place this into the Command field (replacing “your folders” with the exact directory on your hard drive):
_-RunPythonScript “D:\your folders\”

As for the exploded view, there was a script for that but I forgot its name. I will reply again if I figure it оut.

You can achieve this with a two point perspective projection in a viewport and experimenting with the camera/target coordinates and the lens length - the most important being that the camera to target “line” is perpendicular to the desired view direction (i.e. the vertical plane). Which essentially makes it into a one point perspective.

You will of course need to move the objects themselves into the ‘exploded’ positions, there is no automatic way to do this currently in Rhino.

2PointExploded.3dm (2.3 MB)